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John Q Meyer - Modern Artist 

John Q Meyer is a mixed media juried artist living near Chicago, IL.   He cuts, removes, reconstructs, re-wires, and adds rusty metal, wood, and leather to what were formerly perfectly good guitars.    


 John was born in Chicago, and has lived there his entire life.  

John is a mixed media, juried artist living near Chicago, IL.   He enjoys sawing, cutting, re-wiring, and reconstructing Guitars.   Adding in rusty metal, wood, gauges, gears, bearings, and leather to what were formerly perfectly good guitars to create an entirely new feel and message.    As a former Aerospace Engineer and Musician, he has combined these passions into pieces which can be utilized as pure Art or at times, functioning instruments. 


He has climbed through abandoned factories and junk yards collecting artifacts for these pieces.  He tears apart electronics, vintage telephones, phonographs, and projectors to create the appearance of a mechanical mousetrap in his GuitarARt.


Whether it is vintage car parts, old clock springs, bearings, or gears, the GuitarARt becomes a new reconstructed image, with a new theme and feel. 

Using old car parts, old clock parts, Bearings, Gears, and other mechanisms old or new, John Q. Meyer creates a new guitar art form.   He cuts, routes, and re-wires these guitars to create visually stimulating pieces that are modern, and classical at the same time.  Themes vary from Cyberpunk to Americana 


1982 - 1986

University of Illiinois

2000 - 2002

Northwestern University 




Evanston Art & Big Fork   -   August 13-15, 2021. 

Dear John Meyer

A huge congratulations on your acceptance to the Evanston Art & Big Fork Festival! We look forward to having you exhibit your work on August 13-15, 2021. 


Gold Coast Art Fair   -   Sat & Sun, Aug 21-22, 2021. 

Chicago, IL - Grant Park.    Butler Field.    $10 entrance fee.  Kids free.  



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