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•It is very important that you have a robust way in which to hang your GuitarARt on your wall.

•Each GuitarARt comes with a braided wire on the back to hang on your wall.   There is also a pad on the lower back of the GuitarARt in order to ensure that your piece hangs consistently away from your wall.  See Figure 1.

•We recommend placing two #12 Screws, 1.25 inches long, two inches apart, into your wall.  See Figure 2.  The two screws should be sticking out of the wall approximately 3/8 inches.  See Figure 3.   Please use plastic anchors appropriate for #12 screws in your wall, unless you can ensure that the screws are going into wood studs behind your wall.

•With the wire on the back of the GuitarArt, and the two screws in your wall, the piece can easily be adjusted to be straight and vertical. 

•Note that standard guitar wall hangers are not recommended to hang your GuitarARt unless the piece is less than 8 lbs.  See Figure 4.


Figure 2. 

Figure 1. 


Figure 3. 


Figure 4. 

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